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dzine it, Inc was founded in 2003 and continues to grow as a leader in the software development and Internet marketing industry. We have a 95% client retention rate because our mission has always been to create long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Software Application Development, Website Design and php Programming NJ

The staff at dzine it uses the most advanced software PHP development methodologies to create the professional, cost-effective custom database software systems to suit all of your business needs.

Our "custom software applications" are user-friendly and easy to maintain. At dzine it, we are experts in all types of web development and php programming. After all, it is what we do and what we has driven us to become worldwide leaders in our field.

Digital Marketing, "Search Engine Optimization" ( SEO ) and Website PR Strategies

If your competitors seem to have an edge over your company, let the professional staff at dzine it turn the tables. Having a clear "Internet marketing strategy" is critical to your business’s online success and the SEO and Website PR experts at dzine it know exactly what it takes to successfully manage the unique internet marketing needs of any business size.

Our staff’s combined knowledge allows us to offer our clients increased website traffic, higher conversion rates and better "search engine rankings". Ultimately, our Internet marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Digital PR services will help expose your business allowing it to grow now and in the future.

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